5 Functional Exercises Every Baseball and Softball Player Should be Doing

5 Functional Exercises Every Baseball and Softball Player Should be Doing

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Season On Hold?

With the season currently on hold, now is the perfect time for baseball and softball players to establish a new focus on functional strength and work to correct the muscular imbalances naturally caused by the sport. Baseball players are constantly swinging a bat from the same side, planting on the same foot, and throwing with the same arm. Improve your on-field performance and prepare your body to stay healthy when the season begins with these five functional exercises that every baseball and softball player should be doing.

Band Core Rotation

Rotate your arms toward the attachment, then rotate them away until your arms are facing 180 degrees away from the attachment. Repeat this motion continuously.

Forward Lunge With High Hold

Step forward with the leg opposite your resisted arm into a forward lunge, keeping your arm straight, then push off your front leg and return to the upright position. Repeat this motion continuously on this side before switching to the other leg. Make sure your front knee doesn’t go over your toes or collapse inward!

Two Step Side Medicine Ball Throw

Take two sideways steps toward the wall and throw the ball underhand into the wall from your outside hip. Catch the ball, then take two steps away from the wall and repeat.

Front Plank Stir The Pot

Place your forearms and elbows on a stability ball and keep the rest of your body straight in a push-up position. Rotate your arms in a circular motion in one direction, rolling the ball. Repeat this motion continuously, periodically alternating rotation direction and keeping your body stable throughout.

Reverse Core Angel

Tap your feet quickly and raise your arms straight up from your sides to overhead, then lower them back down. Repeat these motions continuously, being sure to not move your arms forward or backward. It’s more important than ever to tailor your training to the demands of your sport. This is what we like to call training at the speed of sport, and it’s essential to playing your best. To prepare for game day, your training needs to include movements that prime your muscles and your mind with simulating in-game activities. For more sport-specific exercises you can do at home, check out our TB12 Sports YouTube channel!