5 Key Exercises For Tennis Players

5 Key Exercises For Tennis Players

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Game, set, match! Tennis is an extremely physically demanding sport. It requires you to have a blazing fast reaction time, precise upper and lower body coordination, strong rotational power, and the endurance to keep up the pace throughout the entire match. Whew—that’s intense!

No matter if your goal is to be the next Venus or Serena Williams, win a few matches, or simply keep the rally going longer, add these exercises to your workout routine to boost your performance on the court. You’ve been served!

(P.S. We had Venus Williams on the TB12 Keep Going Podcast—catch the episode on Spotify)

Lateral Band Walks: Lateral quickness is an integral part of the game. When the ball flies your way, your ability to react quickly can be the difference between love and 40. Place a TB12 Short Looped Resistance Band just above your knees, get your feet hip width apart, and flex your hip to 60 degrees. Don’t let the band pull your knees inward as you move, and keep your feet at least 18 inches apart at all times. Train at the speed of sport so that you can get to the ball in time to smash it back over the net. Make sure you’re doing this exercise in both directions so that you’re equally prepared to slam that forehand and backhand shot. 

Squat to Press: Feel like your serve is lacking oomph? Add more MPH with this high intensity, full body move. Using a TB12 Long Looped Resistance Band, place the band under your feet and pull the band up to shoulder level. Squat down and then power up through your heels and raise the band above your shoulders, extending your arms. This exercise is also great for transferring power from the lower body to the upper body.


Banded Core Rotation: Improve your groundstroke dexterity with banded core rotations. Using a TB12 Handle Band and TB12 Door Anchor, stand with your core engaged, hips back, and shoulders relaxed. Bring your arms in front of your body at chest height and, keeping your arms straight, pull the band across your chest as you rotate your torso. Building core strength will not only help develop more power for your forehand and backhand shots, it can also protect you from a back injury by increasing stability at the spine.

Deceleration Lunge: Need help slowing down? Counterintuitive as it may sound, training your body to decelerate quickly will help both with change of direction speed and can help prevent lower body injuries. Attach a long looped resistance band to the carabiner. Facing the door anchor, step backwards with one leg until your knee barely grazes the ground. Hold that position for a second or two and then return to the standing position. Alternate back and forth on both legs and ensure that you are returning to a fully upright stance after each rep. This exercise is one of Tom’s favorite in-season workouts

Lat Pulldown: This one’s a burner! Attach your handle band to the highest carabiner. With one hand on each handle, raise your hands as high as possible, pull both ends towards your hips, and repeat. Move through this motion quickly, making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades at the bottom. Your overhead slams will be automatic winners after mastering this exercise designed to strengthen your back and core musculature.

Still looking for more? Check out the Tennis Training Circuit on our YouTube channel and prevent the dreaded Tennis Elbow by doing deep-force pliability work using a TB12 Pliability Roller or TB12 Pliability Mini Sphere

And don't forget to stay hydrated... Tennis courts run 10 to 15°F hotter than air temperature and with the sun beating down on the asphalt, you’ll lose water quickly. Make sure to sip between change-overs and maximize the impact of your hydration with TB12 Electrolytes.