4 Tips for a Healthier Game Day Party

4 Tips for a Healthier Game Day Party

After the 2019 Super Bowl, Google had some fun and dug into its search data to better understand Super Bowl snacking trends by state. The results were both entertaining and revealing. Buffalo chicken dip was one of the most popular dishes across the map, followed closely by staples like nachos, poppers, and wings. Although fried foods are expected to dominate the game again this year, more consumers are beginning to add plant-based protein options to their Super Bowl spreads according to Nielsen. This new trend supports our belief that a food-filled Super Bowl party doesn't have to sabotage your healthy-eating plan! One unhealthy meal doesn’t undo a lifestyle of healthy eating and living, but we still encourage you to find balance in your snacking. Don’t sit on the sidelines and avoid game-day food altogether – keep from overdoing it with these 4 simple tips for fueling up for the big game:

Eat a Well Balanced Meal Beforehand: Showing up hungry is rarely a strategy for healthy eating success. Build a plate loaded with 2-3 fist-sized portions of vegetables, 1-2 palms of lean protein, and 1 fist of whole grains. This will help you stay satiated and resist temptations at the party!

Make Healthy Options Available: Bring some veggies for the group, along with guacamole or hummus for dipping. You could even try this easy elote dip. Offer (or bring) a lighter, healthier meal option like this vegetarian chili. Serve yourself a plate of food, try to choose healthy options more often than not, then sit and watch the game -- being near the food will make you more inclined to eat it!

Plan Your Beverages: If you know you’ll be drinking alcohol, set a number of drinks in advance and stick to it. We recommend having at least one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume. And consider adding some TB12 Electrolytes to your water to help you replenish the minerals your body needs.

Be Active: The game starts at 6:30pm, so you’ve still got the morning and early afternoon to get active. Go for a run or get out your resistance bands and break a sweat.

While we don’t expect Avocado Ice Cream to break the internet, we do hope the search terms for next year’s Super Bowl continue to shift toward healthier (but still delicious) items! If you’re looking for more nutrition tips or for ways to lead a healthy life, consider a Nutrition Consultation with our TB12 Nutritionist or check out more TB12 tips here.