The 5 Powerful Ingredients Behind TB12 Protect

The 5 Powerful Ingredients Behind TB12 Protect

Our bodies are constantly being challenged by outside elements. Things like stress, lack of sleep, changes in weather and exposure to toxins can weaken our body —if we let them.

When we developed our new VitalFit X TB12 Protect immunity supplement, we were looking to create a blend of natural ingredients that help to strengthen the complex network of cells and proteins that make up the immune system.

TB12 Protect provides daily support for a healthy immune response through 5 simple and powerful ingredients: Larch Tree (Resistaid), Beta Glucan (Wellmune), Elderberry, Zinc, and Vitamin C and is backed by ingredient-specific clinical trials that show an increase in respiratory health, energy, and vigor by optimizing immune health.

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Here’s why we chose this blend for TB12 Protect


  1. Helps Macrophages find & eliminate bacteria, germs, and foreign challengers
  2. Increases the number of circulating white blood cells/antibodies

Resistaid (Larch Tree)

  1. Increases number of natural killer cells (NK) & stimulates their activity
  2. Releases Cytokines, the immune system messenger, regulating its’ response
  3. Increases number of macrophages – our first line of defense against germs, etc.


  1. Elderberry's anti-viral properties help prevent viruses from effecting healthy cells
  2. Anthocyanins give elderberries a high antioxidant profile, strengthening & protecting cells from oxidative stress

Zinc helps prevent out-of-control inflammation from causing damage to the body

Vitamin C helps repair tissue & provides antioxidant support for the rest of the immune system