The 6 Powerful Benefits Behind TB12 Perform and Recover

The 6 Powerful Benefits Behind TB12 Perform and Recover

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We ask a lot of our bodies on a daily basis – whether it’s rigorous training, an active job, or just the demands of a busy life, the things we do day-in and day-out can be exhausting. Your performance and recovery are intimately tied together – you can’t perform at your peak if you don’t prioritize healthy recovery, and the habits you develop in your training need to extend into your recovery.

Here at TB12, we believe that supporting healthy performance and recovery is one of the best things an active person can do to promote longevity in whatever it is they love to do. Your daily habits need to support both your ability to perform and recover – everything from the foods you eat to how much water you consume, the sleep you get, the workouts and pliability work you do, and the supplements you take. We believe that pain-free living is possible through a constant cycle of proper recovery and performance.

When you start each day primed to perform and settle into every evening ready to recover, you create the opportunity to unlock your personal best and continue to push the limits.That’s why we created Perform and Recover – two new supplements designed to help you reach your potential now, and extend your prime much later. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a home gym newbie — when you’re primed to perform and ready to recover, your personal best can last as long as you live it.

Here’s what you need to know about these products


1. Promotes Sustainable Energy Without Anxiety or a Crash - Beyond its long-time use in traditional medicine, Rhodiola has been the subject of clinical research for its energizing properties, especially when fatigue sets in. Several clinical trials show its ability to support energy when completing cognitive tasks and other trials demonstrate its support of energy and endurance during physical exercise -- giving you that extra boost when you need it most.

2. Aids Better Focus- Mango leaf is a new ingredient with emerging research that demonstrates its brain-supporting properties. Specifically, clinical trials have shown that mango leaf can help improve reaction time and your ability to shift between tasks. Ashwagandha & Rhodiola have also been shown (traditionally & clinically) to support focus.

3. Supports Mood and Stress Management- Sceletium is a South African succulent with indigenous roots. Traditionally it has been used to promote a sense of well-being and is described as providing a sense of calm and focus. Similarly, ashwagandha is often described as “warming, soothing, and energizing.” Clinical research demonstrates ashwagandha can also help your body cope with everyday stress and fatigue for a calm, balanced mood.


1. May Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response- Both tart cherry and curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) have been studied for their anti-inflammatory effects. While both can help support inflammation after strenuous exercise, research has shown that plant compounds, unique to tart cherries, are easier for our bodies to absorb. This allows tart cherry to provide benefits in the short-term, while curcumin provides support over time.

2. Aids Muscle Recovery- Oxidative stress and free radical damage can lead to sore muscles, stiff joints, and extend the time your body needs to recover. Research shows that tart cherry’s high antioxidant content (higher than cranberries) can help counter strain and alleviate feelings of soreness, aiding in your natural recovery process.

3. Promotes Healthy Joint Mobility- Boswellia is a traditional herb with adaptogenic properties shown to be particularly suited for supporting joint stiffness and mobility. Recent research on egg shell membrane indicates it can support elemental building blocks of healthy joints like collagen, elastin, and connective tissue. We included both Boswellia and Egg Membrane to help you move better and feel better while doing it.