A Tom Brady Thanksgiving: What’s On the Table?

A Tom Brady Thanksgiving: What’s On the Table?

What's on Tom Brady’s table on Thanksgiving?

Tom will be enjoying his Thanksgiving meal just like the rest of us. As he states,"That's the one meal where I'm like, screw it, let's go for it. And we all get to enjoy it."

However, his longtime Body Coach and co-founder of TB12, Alex Guerrero says that you can expect foods Tom is associated with: Local, free-range turkey without antibiotics; organic vegetables from sweet potatoes to kale to squash; organic berries and other fruits; fresh herbs from basil to rosemary to thyme, and – of course – plenty of water with electrolytes. But the theme of moderation — a core principle in the TB12 approach — will also be a part of the Brady Thanksgiving Day picture.

TB12 Moderation & Grandma’s Biscuits

For instance, you can expect Tom will keep a family tradition alive by baking biscuits using his late grandmother’s recipe, one that he embellishes with condiments not ordinarily assumed to be part of his diet.

“As a young boy, my favorite part of every holiday was eating my Grandma’s biscuits,” Tom mentioned on social media a few years ago, introducing the biscuits his late grandmother used to bake for him. “The first question I would ask when I walked into her apartment was ‘Grandma, did you make biscuits for me?’… And of course, she always did. My biscuits don’t taste nearly as good as hers but after being smothered in butter and syrup, it’s tough to know the difference,”

The biscuits stirred up considerable attention in 2017 when his teammate Rob Gronkowski got tired of hearing about them and wanted to try for himself.

“He was bragging about them today, and I told him to bring some in,” Gronkowski said. “He’s like, ‘They were so good they were all eaten.’ So, I told him to make some more. I’m not lying. That’s dead serious what happened. If he doesn’t bring some in, there’s going to be some problems.”

In keeping with the TB12 belief in having real, whole foods, Alex notes that Tom bakes these biscuits from scratch. “It will be a very traditional Thanksgiving in many ways,” he says. “But the food will be fresh and homemade.”

The media tends to characterize the so-called "Tom Brady diet" as being severely strict. However, if people were to consider Tom’s preference for real food against the 33,000-plus “foods” that fill the aisles of a typical supermarket, it seems far from irrational.

“My nutritional approach is based on eating organic foods that are ideally from local sources,” Tom says. “One of the problems I have with food that isn’t ‘real’ is that most of the time our palates are responding to one of three ingredients: salt, sugar, or fat. Whenever the media claims that some of the dietary methods I pursue are new-agey or even quackery, I tell them that some of the biggest advertisers on television and in the stadiums I’ve played in are marketing all the wrong things. Which message seems more sensible?”

Alex Guerrero sums up the TB12 nutritional approach to Thanksgiving this way. “There will be pie on the Thanksgiving day table at Tom’s. It just won’t be out of a box.”

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