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4 Tips for Treating Your Shin Splints the TB12 Way

  • 4 min read
  • May 2021
  • By TB12 Team

Shin pain and shin splints are often the result of overloading the shin or lower leg through excessive exercise. The symptoms that can be present are pain, tenderness, and soreness along the shin or tibial bone. We commonly see shin splints affecting military members or those in repetitive, high-impact activities like running, tennis, basketball, or soccer. Shin splints can be a frustrating and long-term injury to deal with – so, how do you treat them? 

At TB12 we take multiple approaches in combination to treat and to relieve shin pain. We focus on using pliability work and functional movement to decrease the stress on your lower leg and shin, as well as addressing your hydration and nutrition for any deficiencies that may be prolonging this condition.


Bird Dog


Banded Double Leg Glute Bridge


Single Leg 90/90 Balance


Front Plank


4 Directional Toe Touch

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