Ben Bergeron on the Power of Shared Sacrifice

Ben Bergeron on the Power of Shared Sacrifice

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Our guest today is legendary CrossFit coach and entrepreneur Ben Bergeron.

Ben is a former Ironman triathlete turned CrossFit Games competitor who now trains some of the fittest athletes in the world. Ben has coached his athletes to six world championships total, and is currently the coach to the reigning Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth.

One of the things about Ben that impresses me the most is his approach to mental toughness with his athletes. Ben understands that while the mindset of a champion is uncommonly rare, it doesn’t have to be, and that every one of us is capable of unlocking it. He credits mental toughness as the secret to the success of his athletes, and it was fascinating to hear Ben’s unique perspective on the principles that make up a winning mindset.

Ben has dedicated his life to helping others become the best version of themselves – a path that led him to expand from coaching to entrepreneurship. He founded CrossFit New England in 2007, where he coaches regular people on their quest to improve their fitness, health, and approach to life beyond the gym.

Ben has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people through his coaching, and you’ll notice very quickly in this episode that he brings an incredible level of passion to everything he does. If you’re interested in developing your mindset and mental toughness, you are going to love this episode with Ben Bergeron. Let’s go!