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October 28, 2019

Chronic injury and recurring injuries usually have their roots in muscular imbalances and poor biomechanics that gradually developed over time. How do you go about identifying these hidden problems that are undermining your ability to enjoy pain-free mobility and optimal movement?

The TB12 Movement Profile is an assessment designed to do just that. Here are 10 questions and answers to show you how the TB12 Movement Profile can get you on the path to improved performance and freedom from injury.

What is the TB12 Movement Profile?

The TB12 Movement Profile is a set of 12 functional movements that TB12 Body Coaches use to assess a client’s mobility and stability along with movement quality and efficiency.

What assessing my functional movements do for me?

Research data has shown how effective functional movement screens can be in predicting future injuries. At the end of the TB12 Movement Profile, your Body Coach will have been able to identify asymmetries in your body — imbalances caused by tight, weak muscles, or joint restrictions.

Knowing your imbalances is the first step in engaging in an effective prehab or rehab program to prevent future injury and allow for maximum performance progress.

Is the TB12 Movement Profile a standalone examination or a part of a program?

The TB12 Movement Profile can be used as part of an initial consultation at a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center, or as an independent evaluation tool used to provide baseline measurements of mobility, stability, and movement quality.

Is the TB12 Movement Profile for athletes only?

No! It’s for anyone seeking pain-free mobility, injury prevention, or improving performance, regardless of age and background. For an athlete, it can be a helpful pre-season tool to correct an underlying impairment or imbalance to prevent injury from occurring and improving their overall performance

Why Is it Important To Identify Asymmetries?

Muscle imbalances and biomechanical asymmetries can lead to painful or abnormal movement patterns. Our biomechanics make up how efficient we are in performing repeated movements caused by external and internal forces.

Poor biomechanics and muscle compensations can ultimately lead to injuries. In a simple functional movement, such as a squat, asymmetries can present as a weight shift towards one side indicating poor mobility or stability patterns. If we can identify this asymmetry and correct the underlying biomechanical pattern, we can help prevent injuries from moving forward.

How long does it take?

If you sign up for a TB12 Movement Profile, a Body Coach will spend about a half-hour with you teaching you the movements and testing you to see how well you can perform them. It’s a half-hour packed with discovery and take-away know-how. In 30 minutes you’ll uncover underlying movement issues and be given a fundamental program on how to fix them.

Is it a workout?

Although it’s suggested you wear workout apparel for the TB12 Movement Profile, this is an assessment of your movement and not a functional strength & conditioning workout.

What does the TB12 Movement Profile specifically address?

The Profile begins with a basic mobility assessment. This allows the Body Coaches to observe the movements of the head and neck, upper body, trunk, and lower body. The information gathered from the mobility tests provides a baseline range of motion assessment required for the rest of the Profile and appraisal of your functional movement.

How Will I know the results?

Your Body Coach will make notes throughout the Profile to determine the primary impairments or limitations scoring each movement:

  • Advanced (A)
  • Within Normal Limits (WNL)
  • Needs Improvement (NI)
  • Incomplete (I)

You will receive a report including a set of scores and a list of priorities for you to work on. Based on your scores and priorities, your Body Coach will prescribe you a customized plan that includes at-home pliability, mobility, stability, and strength exercises to improve your weakness and imbalances.

How long will it take me to improve?

With devoted time and consistency to your plan in four to six weeks, you should expect to see a notable improvement. It’s recommended you retest with a follow-up TB12 Movement Profile to check your progression and set new functional movement goals by modifying your plan. However, booking 1-on-1 sessions with a TB12 Body Coach at either TB12 Boston or TB12 Foxboro will be the optimal choice to improve your underlying asymmetries and impairments!

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We transform lives through the TB12 Method. Explore our one-to-one services, integrative solutions, and unparalleled client success stories.


We transform lives through the TB12 Method. Explore our one-to-one services, integrative solutions, and unparalleled client success stories.


We transform lives through the TB12 Method. Explore our one-to-one services, integrative solutions, and unparalleled client success stories.