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5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Eat More Often

  • 3 min read
  • April 2021
  • By Dr. William Li

Inflammation is a hot topic in the world of nutrition because it affects so many individuals. The acute functions of inflammation can be beneficial, like when you get an injury and it becomes inflamed as white blood cells rush to the area for protection and to stave off infection. The issue is chronic inflammation – a longer-term issue that can have disastrous effects including significant weight gain and serious disease.

There are other factors that can also contribute to inflammation – such as increased stress, low levels of physical activity, and inflammatory foods. These types of reactive foods have an especially large impact on the gut microbiome. The good news, According to Dr. William Li, world-renowned physician, scientist, Author of New York Times best seller “Eat To Beat Disease” and friend of TB12, is that there are foods that we can consume that also have positive anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

Read Eat to Beat Disease

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