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Beat the Heat Through Hydration

  • 3 min read
  • June 2021
  • By TB12 Team
Man drinking water from TB12 Water Bottle

DEHYDRATION became a serious problem across the United States this summer, with the heat index approaching 110 degrees in cities on the east coast, and 120 degrees in the Midwest. Warm summer temperatures can cause active people to lose several liters of water through perspiration and breathing: leading to serious performance declines, and potentially dangerous health complications. Being able to beat the heat is critical for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

"Hydrated muscles are able to be pliable: long, soft, elastic, and primed for performance." — Tom Brady

Beat the heat: Man running up bleachers in TB12 shirt.

Figure out your target amount of water


Add electrolytes


Incorporate flavor


Establish a hydration baseline


Hydrate when training

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