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Registered Nurse Sarah McCaffrey’s Life-Changing Journey With TB12

  • 4 min read
  • January 2021
  • By TB12 Team

As the COVID-19 pandemic began disrupting our lives and overwhelming healthcare workers in April of 2020, TB12 made a commitment to take care of the brave frontline workers who were sacrificing so much to keep the public safe. We began to offer free sessions for all frontline healthcare workers in order to help with the physical & mental stress of their jobs given the ongoing demands of the COVID-19 situation.

Registered Nurse Sarah McCaffrey had been treating some of the first patients with Coronavirus in the US in California when she got the call that she would be moved back home to Massachusetts for a crisis contract in the Covid ICU.  Despite being back home near family, the isolation and trauma Sarah was experiencing as a nurse put her mental and physical health at risk. Her spirit and motivation for life was at an all time low due to the circumstances and amount of sickness that surrounded her.

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Free Virtual Sessions for Healthcare Workers

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