Plant Protein: The Ultimate Recovery Tool

Plant Protein: The Ultimate Recovery Tool

Recovery from a workout can be as challenging as the workout itself. Plant protein is an easy [and delicious] way to prioritize your recovery and re-fuel your body.

Recovering properly can be as challenging as the workout itself. However, recovery is essential for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Ignoring post-workout recovery can lead to overtraining and injuries. An easy and delicious way to enhance your recovery is plant-based protein.

Here are four reasons why plant-based protein is the optimal choice for recovery.

The Antidote to Muscle Stress

Training your body, whether endurance or strength, aerobic or anaerobic, stresses your muscles. Stress, if done right, makes your body more resilient and prepared to perform. But you don’t want to let your body linger in that stressed state.

Eating or drinking protein within 30 minutes of your workout gets your body into optimal recovery mode. That doesn’t mean you need to eat a plate of chicken or half a dozen eggs. Depending on your size, 20 to 30 grams of protein will give your body what it needs. With 24 grams of protein, a scoop of TB12 Plant-Based Protein is the perfect solution. Blend it into a smoothie with anti-inflammatory, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables for that full recovery kick.

Added benefits of going plant-based

When most people think of protein, they think of animal products. But plants, especially peas, are actually an excellent source of protein. Peas specifically deliver benefits like easier digestion, immune-supporting antioxidants, amino acids Lysine and Arginine, and anti-inflammatory properties. You couldn’t ask for a better partner in recovery.

The only protein source in our plant-based protein is pea protein, making this great-tasting protein naturally vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free. Devoid of preservatives and GMOs, it’s the clean choice for every kind of athlete and every kind of diet.

Good for You, Good for the Environment

TB12™ Plant-Based Protein is not only the ultimate tool for your recovery, it’s also the right choice for the planet. Plant-based proteins require less water and resources to grow than their dairy-based alternatives such as whey and casein. Peas are a legume, a type of plant that improves soil quality by trapping airborne nitrogen into the earth. Instead of stressing the environment, this protein truly does sustain it.

You can also feel confident in the supply chain behind TB12™ Plant-Based Protein. Sustainably grown and processed in the United States, the nutritional benefits travel from field to your body as fast as possible. Plant-based eating can be noticeably better for the environment than more traditional dieting, but it’s important to be mindful of how the plant-based products you consume are grown and transported – and the impact that it all has on the environment. Choose local and sustainably-grown products whenever possible to minimize this impact.

You make lots of choices for your body. Don’t slack when it comes to recovery. Honor your body with all the benefits of plant-based protein.

A Great On-The-Go Option

Meeting your daily protein needs is critical to muscle recovery and growth. To maximize protein synthesis and promote recovery, it’s best to break up your daily protein intake into four to five portions spread throughout the day.

If you’re always on-the-go, between the home, office, gym, and the airport, TB12™ Plant-Based Protein is available in portable single-serve packaging. Each serving, containing 24 grams of protein and one net carb, is easily mixed with water and tastes great.


Featuring nutrient-rich mixed berries and a potassium-packed banana, this smoothie provides a perfect blend of antioxidants and natural sweetness. With the added benefits of our hydrating electrolytes and best-selling Plant-Based Protein powder, you'll enjoy a smoothie that replenishes your body and satisfies your taste buds. Plus, we've even snuck in an extra boost of green goodness.


We love tart cherry for it's muscle recovery benefits. Tart cherries and tart cherry juice are well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in muscle recovery and alleviate post-exercise soreness. There's no better (or more flavorful) way to kick off your post-workout recovery than with our Tart Cherry Recovery Smoothie! It packs a protein punch and is a delicious way to accelerate your recovery and bounce back in time for your next workout!

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