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Train Your Brain — Change Your Body

  • 4 min read
  • July 2019
  • By TB12 Team
Brain Training in action.

IN THE PURSUIT of peak performance, too many of us zero in on the body and forget about the brain. However, if you want to perform at a high level for as long as possible, training your brain is not just a helpful add-on — it’s essential.

When we say, “train your brain,” we’re not talking about sudoku. And while mental exercises like meditation, deep breathing, and mantras are essential to building a winning mindset, right now we’re not talking about that either. We’re talking about hacking the connection between your brain and your body from the ground up.

To do this, we start with the muscles.

Brain Training with a TB12 Body Coach

You might be thinking that pliability is just a fancy word for stretching or massage. While both stretching and massage are helpful, pliability is a totally different ball game.

Brain Training with deep force muscle work.
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