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Personalizing Your Workout Program

  • 3 min read
  • June 2019
  • By TB12 Team
TB12 Resistance Bands

YOU CAN’T TRAIN slow and expect to move fast. If a goal is to move quick and fast, you may need a personalized workout program that adheres to the speed of sport principle.

Traditional strength training relies primarily on methodically lifting heavy weights to get stronger and bigger — but bigger isn’t always better. Big, bulky muscles can be too dense, making them stiff and resistant to movement, slowing them down and leaving them susceptible to injury.

That is why we use resistance bands in our strength and conditioning training.

Resistance bands are strong, versatile, and long-lasting equipment that can turn anywhere into your own gym and allow you to work any muscle group you’re targeting. No-load strength workouts with bands provide a long, fluid range of motion, to mimic the movements that you do in daily life.


Functional Strength and Conditioning

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