What Happens at a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center? Answers to the 10 Most Common Questions

What Happens at a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center? Answers to the 10 Most Common Questions

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HAVE YOU ever wondered what happens inside a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center? Keep reading for a look behind the curtain and answers to your 10 most common questions.

Can I just walk in?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to visit our retail space. In Foxboro and Tampa, you can browse through our line of TB12 functional fitness gear, nutrition products, supplements and exclusive TB12 apparel, found only at our Performance & Recovery Centers. You can also find our Body Coaches at The Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, PA and at the Hospital for Special Surgery in West Palm Beach, FL.

Our staff can also help you book your one-on-one treatment sessions with a Body Coach.

What else will I find in a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center?

In addition to the retail space, we offer one-on-one treatment sessions with our Body Coaches in all facilities. The rest of the facility includes:

  • In Foxboro we have a large turf area, featuring cutting-edge diagnostic tools, our proprietary functional strength & conditioning equipment, and state-of-the-art treatment rooms where you can meet with a Body Coach for your one-on-one session.
  • Premium locker room and shower facilities with luxury personal care products.

How do I schedule an appointment or a class?

Visit here to see the best way to schedule a 90-minute initial evaluation with an expert TB12 Body Coach in your area.

What is a TB12 Body Coach?

A TB12 Body Coach is your expert partner in performance and recovery, helping you develop an integrative, comprehensive, and personalized plan to help you feel better, live pain-free and perform your best. Our expert Body Coaches are so much more than personal trainers, they're Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainers, and Licensed Acupuncturists.

They are experts at addressing the causes of injuries across all body parts — accelerating clients’ recovery from injuries faster than other approaches and preventing re-injury from occurring. TB12 Body Coaches provide a unique, premium service based on a proven, holistic method for performance and active recovery, incorporating TB12’s leading approach to pliability.

I’m not an elite athlete. Can I still benefit from working with a TB12 Body Coach?

Yes, absolutely! Every day, our TB12 Body Coaches work with an amazingly wide variety of clients, of all ages and levels. Every client receives personalized instruction and programming to help them meet and exceed their goals.

What kind of preparation is required before a one-on-one session?

Preparation for your initial evaluation is very straightforward.

Starting three days before your visit, we’ll ask you to start filling out a “food diary” to track your eating habits. This information will help your Body Coach better understand your situation and personalize a nutrition program to support your overall health and wellness. We’ll also ask you to think about your goals and any obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving them.

What do I bring to a Body Coach session?

For your initial evaluation (and every session afterward) we’ll ask you to bring:

  • Exercise shorts and top
  • Running shoes (the ones you usually wear during sport or exercise)
  • Relevant medical records and any information about the nutritional supplements and medicines you’re taking
  • Your three-day food diary

What happens in the first session?

The 90-minute one-on-one session will enable your Body Coach to fully understand your situation and your goals, and will likely touch upon all elements of the TB12 experience: mobility tests, deep-force muscle pliability work, functional strength & conditioning exercises, and advice regarding nutrition, hydration, and cognitive health. With your Body Coach you’ll discuss your present activity level, diet, any current training program you’re following, and any injuries you may be experiencing. And again, you’ll also discuss your goals: What problems you want to solve and performance gains you want to achieve. From there, a typical first session looks something like this:

Mobility tests

Your Body Coach will perform a series of mobility tests to identify any muscular imbalances and asymmetries that may be impacting your health and performance.

Deep-force muscle pliability

After the evaluation, your Body Coach will perform hands-on deep-force muscle pliability work to help identify any additional issues and begin to improve the brain-body connection, counter muscle imbalances, and recover lost range of motion.

Functional strength & conditioning

Your Body Coach will introduce you to functional movements selected for your situation and goals. You’ll experience innovative exercises with resistance bands and bodyweight that allow you to train effectively for your favorite sport or activity.


Your Body Coach will discuss the role of hydration in amplifying pliability and enabling overall health and wellness. You’ll identify an optimal level of hydration for your body weight and training needs and get advice on how to enhance your hydration.


Your Body Coach will review your food diary and help identify opportunities to integrate alternative nutrition choices and/or smart supplementation.

Cognitive health

Your Body Coach will also be discussing strategies related to cognitive health, mindset, and neuroplasticity — all valuable components instrumental to health, wellness, and performance.

What happens after the first session?

After your initial consultation, your Body Coach will begin building a customized plan for you to follow, including functional strength & conditioning exercises, nutrition and hydration recommendations, and other key tasks to improve your pliability, performance, and recovery. You can also use the TB12 App to get additional TB12 programming no matter where you are!

What if I can’t get to a TB12 Performance & Recovery Center?

In the meantime, you can begin to adopt the TB12 performance lifestyle from anywhere. We currently offer in-depth virtual options for anyone looking to experience TB12, regardless of where you live. Our one-on-one Virtual Performance & Recovery Workouts provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the TB12 method and our approach to health & wellness. Your Body Coach will guide you through an exercise program inspired by Tom Brady’s functional strength & conditioning routine and incorporate recommendations for achieving optimal hydration, nutrition, and cognitive fitness — all in a virtual setting.


If you're looking for more info before diving into the TB12 Lifestyle, check out the following: three quick tips to proper hydration; a jumpstart on adopting the TB12 approach to nutrition; and the TB12 App so that you can start living the TB12 philosophy today.

Keep a close eye on the TB12 Instagram and YouTube channel for new at-home workout content, pliability tips, healthy recipes, and a whole lot more!

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